LaserPro Laser Cutters and Laser Engravers

The X Series of laser cutters and laser engravers is the latest in an extensive line up of GCC LaserPro machines available from Grafityp UK Ltd

The line up consists of the X252, X380LS, X380RX, X500LS and X500RX laser cutter/engraver in 80 or 100 watt.  These models are extremely strong and reliable and are built to the same high standard, and with the same machine warranty as the existing LaserPro range.

The full range of  LaserPro laser engraving machines consists of 17 models offering various power options and innovative features to cater for different production requirements. From a desktop model to a large high production model, there is a machine to suit everyone’s individual needs. 

Grafityp UK Ltd have a dedicated LaserPro showroom where they carry out demonstrations (subject to pre arrangement) and offer advice on which LaserPro machine would best suit your business needs. All machines come with extensive machine and laser tube warranty and Grafityp have their own team of skilled technicians on hand to offer support or advice

For a detailed description of the LaserPro’s available visit or or telephone on 01827 300500 and request a copy of Express Sign Products price list/catalogue.