F16 Wrapping

Grafityp Wrap F16 Fighter Jets
for Belgian Army

Grafityp wrapped the F16 jets of the Belgian army for the 60th anniversary of the "Tiger" squadron. The Belgian army command was delighted with the result, and earlier this year, when their fleet was invited to take part in an international airshow, the idea for a "new jacket" on their showpieces immediately sprang to mind.

Rudi Zoons (Grafityp's Application Specialist) went to the air-force base once again to apply the new design on the fast jets. It was printed on GrafiprintS38P and laminated with Grafiprint LAMX40. The end result certainly passed muster, even after several flights when not only the pilot and the plane but also the GrafiWrap vinyl were exposed to extreme speeds of more than 2,400 km/h and forces up to 9G. To ensure that the application would withstand these extreme conditions the plane's tail was also sealed with an additional coat of varnish.